Feeding the Silicon Valley pipeline

Guri Sohi


July 19, 2018

Computer Science has gone from a niche area to one that is impacting almost everyone on a daily basis. And it continues to expand its reach into other disciplines and the overall economy. The University of Wisconsin has a long and storied history in computer science, starting in 1964, the second CS department in the country! To put this in perspective, at its inception, there were only 10,000 computers in the world!  
The CS department has played an important role in the growth of computing.  Wisconsin CS alumni have been integral parts of companies innovating in health care, analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber-security, networking, and a wide range of big data applications relating to databases.  There are several ongoing research projects that will become commonplace technologies in the future and there are expanded efforts to nurture entrepreneurship. 
Guri Sohi, chair of the CS department, is in a unique position to provide insight and perspective. Not only has he taught computer science at UW for more than 33 years, but he is now serving his second term as chairman of the department.  He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and was recently elected to the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences.
We celebrate Summer in the South Bay at our event hosted by Palo Alto Networks at their Santa Clara office on July 19.  It is a perfect time to invite and meet Badger friends for an evening of conversation, food, drink, and enlightenment.  

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